Ginny Luedeman, CSB shares a 20-minute lecture titled "The invisible reality of Life appearing" at the 2011 Church Alive Summit in Pasadena, California.
Shirley Paulson, CS shares her lecture “Mary Baker Eddy: Then and now” in Boston, Massachusetts.
Frank Prinz-Wondollek, CS shares a couple excerpts from his lecture "How does Christian Science heal?" given in Boston, Massachusetts.
Frank Prinz-Wondollek, CS shares how to break free from the prisons of addiction and gain spiritual freedom in this lecture given in Framingham, Massachusetts.
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  1. Thank you so much for keeping the 2009, original program of "Christmas Presence" available in the archive. It is a timeless sharing of the joy and inspiration of the Christmas message. For those who have not visited the Holy Land, we see Chet's photos; for those who haven't visited the Original edifice of The Mother Church, or been there in a few years, we get to see its interior, with the stained glass windows, luminous light, etc.

    On behalf of all of us who love this program, THANK YOU!

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