Accessing our un-limited resources [25 mins ENG]

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Beth Packer, CS, shares a 20-minute lecture titled "Accessing our un-limited resources" at the Church Alive Summit in Melbourne, Australia on February 25, 2011.

  1. Thank you so much for this lecture. I just love the mathematical analogy which can be applied to so many of the challenges we face, with “scientific certainty”

  2. Greatly appreciated. It was very pratical and direct.

  3. Big with blessings indeed! Wonderful that lectures like this can be available online. Thank you!

  4. Dear Beth, thank you for being an Angel in bringing this much needed message to us. Your deep understanding gives us a practical approach as how to view things – not materially but spiritually. The fruits of such understanding is naturally – reality experienced here and now.

  5. I love the idea of turning things into thoughts! Great quote from Einstein!
Very helpful

  6. Very clearly stated – I particularly like the idea that the problem and the solution are one.
thank you

  7. Wonderful, timeless insights! I have just finished working on an assignment praying to know each idea is complete. I finished at 5 a.m. grateful and satisfied, knowing that God’s resources were mine to use, and they are infinite. I checked my email before turning in, and found these lectures waiting for me. My husband had mentioned that he had heard this one and been blessed by it, so I had to listen to it right away. It was exactly what I had been praying with while doing this assignment and as you can imagine my heart was singing with joy and gratitude, uniting with each idea as you shared it. Thank you dear Beth. What a gift from the Australian summit of Church Alive. Thank you all.

  8. Wonderful! You gave this lecture in such a loving and logical manner. How restful and safe one can feel when we turn to God knowing that there is a law we can turn to that causes us to see in a practical way what is already ours…health, supply, companionship, etc. Thank you for these online lectures!

  9. I am grateful for the notices that come to my email to let me know of these video lectures. This was very helpful to me, as money and resources seem to be a constant strain.
    Thank you for bringing this Australian Church Alive Summit right to my own backyard.

  10. Thank you to all who are making the Church Alive Summits happen. What a wonderful gift!

  11. wow……….the perfect explanation regarding math in the spiritual realm..

  12. Thank you for the Church Alive Summits for making the wonderful lecture by Beth Parker available to all. A very impressive lecture. And very helpful. Thank You.

  13. So great to join in this lecture in my lunch break today, just so grateful for the insights shared which I am already using.Thanks again

  14. Thank you for your very interesting and inspiring lecture! – turning things into thoughts (ideas) – I always am thinking about this expression, hoping to understand it better. Your explanation of this expression within your experience of finding the valuable pen of your husband, helped me to understand it better.

  15. I had a healing as a result of this lecture! My glasses had been missing for a week. During the lecture, the part where you were very clear about objects being spiritual ideas always in their right place, I remembered where I put them. Thank-you!

  16. Thank you. What a delicious lecture.

    Your linkages and connections to deeply abstract contructs with enormously practical application is so-o-o beneficial.

    I have listened to this lecture numerous times and each time I hear nuggets of gold that I didn't hear before.

    What a beautiful blessing your lecture is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This is one of the most awesome and eye opening talks I've ever heard. It has shown me how I need to constantly make a shift in my thinking, from a mortal man standpoint, that is searching for material supply, to a spiritual idea that already has the supply that I need.

  18. Is there any way I can download this to my iPod? Would very much appreciate it, Very rich and inspiring.

    Just click on the download button below the player to download the audio file to your computer.

  19. Virginia - 11/12/11

    Thank you for sharing these ideas. I have worked quite a bit on the idea of God's abundant unlimited ideas that we all must have. You have taken it a step farther. I want to continue in my understanding and work on this, and also listen to this lecture many more times.

  20. What an inspiration. Your lecture/talk helped me with raising my thoughts higher when thinking of having to replace a board member - the qualities needed on the board are constantly available by infinite, perfect, governing Principle. Thank you.

  21. How utterly inspirational! I've so often heard of the need to "exchange things into thoughts", but never in the sense that you elucidated here. This is a lecture I want to listen to over again to absorb all the inspirational ideas you have shared with us. Thank you!

  22. I just loved this lecture! just what I needed :) thank you!

  23. Just love this lecture Beth. Your simple trust in God based on a deep understanding is very endearing. And teaches me alot every time I listen to this. Grateful

  24. Thank you so much!!

    Was lovely and helpful...

  25. Like your finding the pen on an unknown path you had never taken, I found this lecture on my I-touch. Neither my husband nor I had downloaded it. In fact we don't have any lectures dowloaded just the E-Bible lessons, special collections of Sentinal radio programs, some Audio works of MBE, and lots of CS music. We were relaxing listening to the Bible lesson and when it was finished, I was looking for something and up pops this lecture! We listened to it twice! Loved it. We have traveled to Australia and spent several months there in a law program and enjoying the local CS churches and visiting with the COP. We now are volunteers in the downtown San Diego Reading Room. Some people come in every day to listen to a lecture. I will just leave this on my Itouch to allow our regular or other visitors to listen to this wonderful message. Thanks so much for it.

  26. Hi Beth, God led me to your lecture at a time when I needed more confirmation of what had just happened to me. My adult son who is temporarily living with me, came back from the gymn where he regularly works out. He was very upset because he had put his billfold with forty dollars, driver license, ID cards, SS card and credit cards into a locker. When he was ready to leave the billfold was gone. No one admitted to having seen it. My first thought was how difficult it would be to replace those items. The second thought was, we have been through this missing billfold thing before; are you going to accept this animal magnetism, or are you going to see the truth about it? The false sense was that the billfold was stolen; I could not accept that about man so I prayed deeply to know that it wasn't true. I thought the billfold would be returned by someone if I saw the truth clearly--- wrong! I was subtly outlining. Two days later I was standing in my son's room talking with him and a friend. I looked down at his dresser and there was his billfold. I picked it up and asked him when he got his billfold back. He looked at me astonished and puzzled. After a hesitation he said, You got it and put it there. It was more of a question, but I could see he thought I was "playing" with him. He turned to his friend and said, My Dad somehow got my billfold and put it there. I replied emphatically that I did not. It was vaguely dawning on me what had happened. I said to him, If I didn't put it there and you didn't put it there, how did it get there? He had no answer; I could tell he was searching for a plausible answer. I opened the billfold and could see all of the previous contents were in place. Of course! While holding the billfold and realizing that it was a spiritual idea and not the material object that it appeared to be was a unique experience for me. I suspect that the billfold had been sitting there unnotice for the better part of two days. Was the billfold stolen? As you pointed out, it was never out of its rightful place; it just needed to be seen. Error wanted me to find another explanation for this beautiful demonstration of Spirit and Love, but there wasn't one! Hearing of your experience with the pen put the lid on error; I was thoroughly convinced that Spirit and Principle was the source and cause of my experience. How grateful I was! (Back to your lecture) How beautifully "given" was the whole substance of it; how clear! No one could hear it and not be blessed. Thank you, dear loved one! My focus is more clearly guided now!

  27. Beth, Thanks for your inspired lecture. I was led to it at a perfect time. My son's billfold had disappeared while he was working out at a gymn. I prayed to see that the billfold was a right idea that could not be separated from him. The billfold appeared on his dresser and he was unable to explain it. He thought that I must have put it there, but I made it clear that I had not. It dawned on me that Principle and Love had revealed that it was never out of its right place. I am so grateful for this demonstration. Your experience with the pen helped to confirm that I understood the idea. Your lecture was so very clear, a blessing for everyone. I have listened to it 3 times already. Thanks again, Beth.

  28. Thank-you for 'being' in the energy you speak of. No need to take notes, just soak up your connected to God atmosphere. Thank-you Fiona

  29. Beth,
    This is an amazing spirit-filled lecture. I have listened twice and will recommend this to loved ones still finding their way. I have experienced similar "miracles" after placing things in God's hands, but this clarified the experiences in ways I hadn't thought of before. You made it so clear. Thank you.

  30. Thank you, dear, dear thinker, for sticking to the not-so-lost-pen experience until you understood it, and for sharing it with us so clearly. For me it's a whole new level of understanding how "metaphysics... exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul." (Science and Health p.269:14). I have often thought, when something was missing, that God knows exactly where it is, and that I can't be separated from it if I need it. And every time I feel God's love and presence when the missing item appears. Your lecture emboldens me to stand fast in thinking about the Malaysian airliner, and all included with it, as ideas of Soul, Life, Principle. With deep and humble gratitude for your lecture and those who helped with it,

  31. Dear Mary,Thank you for your most inspiring lecture. I have bookmarked it.
    I have been Blessed and Healed with your spiritual message.

  32. Joan P. N.J. - 03/25/04

    Dear BETH PACKER, C.S.

    Again, Thank you so much.

  33. Such a good talk. Thank you so much for these helpful ideas.

  34. I too, along with all of the above, thank you for sharing your insight and inspiration. Your Lecture has opened up a whole new way for me to understand, more clearly the healings of Christ Jesus. He was able to see man clearly as "he" really is, made in the image and likeness of God. I know when I have had a healing, it was as if it never really happened. And, in reality it never really had. I was never really separated from God, perfect harmony. The pen, was never really separated from it's rightful place.

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