Living On

An inspirational poem and e-card offered for victims of terrorism everywhere. Originally written as a memorial to the victims of the New York City terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

Credits: Carol Winograd & staff

God is one Life,
Infinite individuality
Filling the universe with Being,
Only everywhere Life.
No place for death...
Try to understand.

Many fears of mortality,
Pain, loneliness, loss
Cannot change the God Science;
Immortal love, bliss, harmony
Fill the realm of spiritual understanding.

How to hold on? How to believe?
Reason it through.
There is more to me and you
Than flesh, bone, dust.
I know your unique fit,
Your wit, talent, goodness.
I can't see those, but still feel them.

Those souls, the identities of God's love,
Never left immortality.
Existence remains in God, eternal Life.
That's why I can still feel their individuality,
Know their presence.
Love them still.

Feel the Life force.
Know they are part of It.
And, I, too, can never be lost.
Their spirits combine with the one Spirit that loves me."
Life is eternal."