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Christian Science Sentinel October 2014


—After a recent incident in my business, there has been a watershed change in the way I approach problems in my life. As a real estate broker, I often coordinate several people, plans, and procedural motions, working out a resolution that pleases everyone and meets my business needs.

The Christian Science Journal October 2014

Gratitude is a lifesaver

—Gratitude is a powerful healing quality—and it’s a lifesaver. I know, because it saved my life years ago.


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Online lectures October 2014

Aha moments that heal [29 min ENG]

—Chet Manchester, CSB, discusses moments of spiritual breakthrough and their healing power in this talk from a lecture series filmed in Pasco, Washington.

Time4Thinkers October 2014

The valley of the shadow

—Tune in on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 8:30 – 9:30 PM EST, for the second of three Radical Acts live chats. Alex Cook and Kate Robertson talk about REACHing OUT to people who feel hopeless.

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