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Christian Science Sentinel April 2014

Rethinking the pursuit of wealth

—Having spent my entire career in money management, I was interested in a poll conducted by Prudential Financial, which found that a majority of Americans (58 percent) had “lost faith in the market. ” Despite the fact that this casts aspersions on my profession, I couldn’t help but understand, given the almost unprecedented volatility of financial markets over the past few years.

The Christian Science Journal April 2014

You can't hide from Love

—I have a comforting picture on my desk of a bird braving a storm with one little baby bird under each outstretched wing. To me, the picture symbolizes the presence of God, divine Love, sheltering us and keeping us safe from matter-based thinking that would lead us away from Him.


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Time4Thinkers April 2014

The valley of the shadow

—Tune in on Monday, November 18, 2013 at 8:30 – 9:30 PM EST, for the second of three Radical Acts live chats. Alex Cook and Kate Robertson talk about REACHing OUT to people who feel hopeless.

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