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Christian Science Sentinel November 2015

Spiritual commitment and a balanced life

—Having a balanced life—the right mix of family, work, church and community service, cultural enrichment, leisure, and so on—is something most people find they have to work on all of their lives. That’s because there is no formula for achieving a balanced life.

The Christian Science Journal November 2015

Choosing good as the reality

—As I looked out my kitchen window to the backyard, there was my son, almost two years old, sitting under a beautiful blossoming tree, his lap covered in puppies, with two big red balloons floating above his head. He looked so peaceful and joyful; to me, it was pure happiness.


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Prayer that transforms us [19 min ENG]

—Tony Lobl shares how the healing power of Love helped change his life and can transform yours, too. This talk was filmed in Pasco, Washington, USA.