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Connect with a Christian Scientist

You can find official listings and contact information for the people below in The Christian Science Journal directory. It's available online, in print, and in the blue box in right column of this page. People are listed at various locations throughout the United States and around the world, but you should feel free to contact anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Christian Science practitioners and teachers  

Practitioners and teachers are available full time to talk with and help anyone, anywhere, anytime, through prayer. Feel free to contact a practitioner or teacher by phone, email, Skype, text, written letter, etc., or to drop by for a visit to their office. If you're interested, you should feel free to contact any teacher, and not just those in your own area, to find out more about taking a class with them, which is called "Primary class instruction."

Online directory of Christian Science practitioners & teachers

Christian Science nurses 

Christian Science nurses help people who need skilled and experienced physical assistance while they rely on Christian Science treatment for healing. Christian Science nurses help foster a healing atmosphere and help people function as normally as possible while healing progresses. You can contact a Christian Science nurse to ask questions about the services they provide.

Christian Science Reading Room librarians

Feel free to drop by a Reading Room. The librarian would be happy to answer your questions or help you find the resources listed on this site. You can search for Reading Rooms near you using the directory in the bottom right column of this page.

Christian Science chaplains

If you are serving in the Armed Forces, you can contact a Christian Scientist serving as a Protestant Chaplain in the Armed Forces . Local branches may sponsor non-military chaplains who serve local prisons or other institutions in your area. Here's more information about chaplains.

The Christian Science pastor

It is common for people to want to speak with a church pastor. The Christian Science pastor is available around the clock. That's because our pastor is not a person, but two books: the Bible,and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. You can bring your thoughts and questions to these books, and you will find the answers and help you're looking for.