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Meet Cynthia. At one point she became allergic to a lengthy list of basic foods, making it practically impossible to function normally. After she started reading Science and Health, the severe allergies fell away.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Cynthia. That book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures has saved me many times-- It has shown me the way to many physical healings through prayer alone, guided me in marriage and parenting, led me through business problems, and lifted me out of emotional difficulties..

  2. Dear Cynthia:

    Thank you for sharing your healing experience with us. Because of intense media coverage of food as it relates to diet, weight, and disease, learning of your healing brings deep hope and promise to a yearning world for viable answers.

    Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.

    Continued success..........gratefully.......

  3. That is a wonderful experience! I love how there wasn't any human will involved. It seems like it was a very gentle unfolding or awakening of feeling deeply loved and that released you from the bondage of eating allergies. If it can be true for one person, it must be true for everyone. Thank you for sharing!

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