Prayer and health

How does prayer work?

How can prayer in Christian Science help me? How does it result in better health and experiences of healing? How can it help the world? Dig in to these resources for insights, or feel free to contact someone.

Experiences of healing

One way to learn how prayer can help and heal you is to hear the experiences of others.

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Speak with practitioners of Christian Science

Two pracitioners in a conversation

Learn more about Christian Science practitioners and teachers as well as Christian Science nurses — professional people around the globe dedicating their lives to Christian healing.

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For kids, youth, and teens

TMC Youth interns / Christian Science Organization

Inspiration is available in print, online, in Sunday School, on campus...

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Samples of everything on this page are available in multiple languages.

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Affirmative defense

— In giving a Christian Science treatment the affirmation of absolute truth is essential. It...

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