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In this support community, keep up to date about Concord, share with others your tricks for doing things, and see if anyone else has solved the problem you may be having. more


All of Mrs. Eddy’s published writings are now available on the ereading device of your choice, including Nook, Kindle, or iPad! For more information or assistance please visit our online ebook community, see a list of the most frequently asked questions, or review a list of available titles. more

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We trust you'll find answers to your questions in this support community, and that you'll be able to help others by joining the discussions. Your participation and feedback is vital to the continued success of JSH-Online. more

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Need to talk with someone or get help? Feel free to contact a Christian Science practitioner or teacher, a Christian Science nurse or chaplain, a Reading Room librarian, press or legislative contact (Committee on Publication), or join a discussion on the forums.  more

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