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Best links for sharing with newcomers to Christian Science public information about teachings, practice, church public information about Mary Baker Eddy prayer-based healing resources, ideas, and examples all about Science and Health listen to Science and Health continuous audio read Mary Baker Eddy’s books free online a compilation of free inspirational resources a list of all Christian Science publications listen to Sentinel Radio audio archive the homepage for JSH-Online YourDailyLift 2-minute online audio podcast series online video and audio lectures about Christian Science online church services at The Mother Church share ideas and ask questions a description of and contact information for practitioners check out what’s happening in Boston take a tour of The Mother Church resources in multiple languages a list of all resources for youth all social media accounts hosted by The Mother Church on Facebook on Twitter on Google+

A few member resources shortcuts information about The Mother Church Annual Meeting church news updates manage your periodical subscriptions information about and application forms for Christian Science practitioners information about and search for Christian Science teachers information about and application forms for Christian Science nurses information about chaplains per capita tax and online giving careers at The Mother Church information about and application form for membership what’s happening at The Mother Church information for branch churches information and resources for Sunday Schools information and resources for Reading Rooms information and resources for planning lectures regarding Committee on Publication activity … for Christian Science Organizations a list of all resources for youth a link to all community discussions (SS, RR, BoL) a link to these specific discussions info and resources about sharing Christian Science technical and other support


Shortcuts not on the flyer Information about the Christian Science Plaza in Boston Ecumenical document on Christian Science (see the May 2013 issue of The Christian Science Journal, p. 48) Mother Church membership applications Available books in eBook format & where to buy them Current Christian Science lecturer list Online Wednesday Testimony Meetings Ecards from The Sept. 2013 Affordable care act town hall forum Sentinel Radio audio on Ebook FAQs Thanksgiving online service (available November - December)