Using social media

Are you interested in using social media to share Christian Science?

We invite you to watch the video replay (see below) of this workshop held during Annual Meeting weekend, Saturday, June 2, 2012. It includes an overview of social media—what it is, why people are using it, and how it works. We look at how The Mother Church is using social media, including successes by the Committee on Publication and The Christian Science Monitor. We also look at how branches and individuals are using social media, and attendees had an opportunity to come up with new ideas together. You might consider watching the video with others in your church community and use it as a springboard for further discussion.

Video replay of social media workshop

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This workshop was screencast live (audio plus images).

Social media widgets

Widgets like the one below can be installed on your website to display a fresh list of content from any of the Facebook and/or Twitter account feeds provided by The Mother Church. list of all accounts

For help installing this and other widgets on your website, refer to the website widgets page.

Additional tips

Here are some tips for using Twitter and tips for using Facebook.

For a list of all the social media resources offered by The Mother Church, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, You Tube, and more, go here.

If you would like to discuss this topic on the forums, discussions are going on under the titles below—feel free to start your own!

Top ten ways your church and congregation can be Web savvy

How are you using social media to share Christian Science?

Legal guidelines

We have provided guidelines to help you think through some legal points about sharing church services or copyright materials on social media or technology of any sort. more