Twitter tips

Twitter jargon

If you are new to social media, specifically Twitter, it’s crucial to understand and
master the language. What’s a tweet? Hashtag? Follow Friday? We’ve created a
list of the top ten Twitter words you need to know in order to be effective in your
social media efforts. Once you master a few of the basics, you’ll be ready to get started in the Twitterverse. And if you need more help, Twitter offers this valuable resource:
Twitter 101 For Business.

  1. Profile: A Twitter page displaying information about a user.
  2. Tweet: A tweet is a 140-character-long post or message. Tweets consist of news, trends, information, links, photos, and, of course, conversations.
  3. @: The @ symbol placed in front of a name is that person's or brand's user name—a Twitter handle. When you use the @ symbol, you are calling out that person, and your mention shows in his or her interactions.
  4. Hashtags: The # symbol in front of words creates a theme (keywords or topics) that can be followed by others.
  5. #FF or #FollowFriday: Every Friday tweets include a list of people and brands they want to acknowledge for following them or retweeting them as well as suggesting others to follow them. This is a quick easy way to engage with influencers and your budding community.
  6. Reply: A tweet posted in reply to another’s tweet.
  7. Retweet or RT: Reposting or Forwarding another’s tweet to all of your followers. (Note: This is in no way considered an endorsement of an individual or brand.)
  8. DM: A direct message you receive on Twitter. These tweets are private.
  9. Trends: Twitter offers trending topics of the day. You may want to review these, as there will be assigned hashtags to use if you’d like to join posting about a specific trend.
  10. URL Shortener: URL shorteners are used to turn long URLs into shorter URLs. This is imperative as you have a limited number of characters you can use in a tweet. (You can also track your URLs for reporting purposes.)

Hurray, I'm on Twitter. Now what?

  • In the beginning, you may want to sit back and observe. Find a few similar brands or organizations and follow their Twitter feeds to see what they’re tweeting about.
  • As you become more comfortable, reach out by replying or by retweeting a tweet by someone from the Christian Science community.
  • Pick 2 or 3 Twitter accounts from the Christian Science community and review the organizations and individuals they follow. Using their list, you can select those you’d like to follow as well.
  • Keep it simple. Although Twitter allows 140 characters, you want to make your tweets around 120 or less so that others can retweet your posts.
  • Pull valuable information from your website and blog and use those as tweets throughout the week.
  • Balancing act. Make sure that you have a few Retweets (RTs) thrown in with your own tweets. Social media is all about reciprocation.
  • Quotes. Quotes rule social media. Share thoughtful quotes each week, including quotes from Mary Baker Eddy, the Bible, and inspirational leaders.
  • Examples of quality tweets: @prayerandhealth
You've heard about Christian Science but you want to know more?  #faith

TMCYouth @TMCYouth
Get ready! November 9-10 we'll be hosting our #NYC #SpiritualActivist Summit 2012 http://

Something to tweet about

  • Events: Twitter is a great way to share events. You can create a buzz around an upcoming event by posting early and often with images and links. Ask your community to help retweet and mention your events, spreading the word to a broader audience. You also can create an event hashtag.
  • Positivity: Spreading positivity on social media is a wonderful way to become an influencer, someone others look to for great quotes and as a valuable resource.
  • Christian Science: Help spread awareness of the Christian Science community. Many people are curious about prayer, God, and different religions. Utilize Twitter to connect the dots to all of the vast CS organizations and individuals, including bloggers and those with websites.
  • Trending topics: World events, holidays, famous birthdays are all trending topics that perform well on social media. Often these tie in with Christian Science, and many times articles, references, and links are found on the website. (Twitter offers a list of trending topics on the site.)
  • Highlighting others. Use Twitter to highlight your neighbors’ news and events. They’ll do the same for you.