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Sharing links to Science and Health and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy with others

If you'd like to share the writings of Mary Baker Eddy with others on the web or via social media — or citations from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures — here are directions on how to do so.

Please be sure to always list Mary Baker Eddy as the author when you share a quote from her writings, and include the name of the book when possible.  

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How to reference specific pages in Science and Health


Currently, sharing specific citations is only possible for use with Science and Health. You can share other books that are available on this website in the read-online section, but not specific citations or line numbers on a page.

For the citation "SH 4:3" or page 4, line 3 of Science and Health, use the following link:

As you can see you need the path to the chapter in the book where the page appears. Then add the pound sign (#) followed by the letter "s", the page number, an underscore (_), and then the line number for the start of the citation.

For a citation to a head it is a little different. Instead of an "s" use an "h", and instead of the line number use the sequential number of the head on the page. As an example, the citation "SH 142:25" is the first (and only) head on the page so the number one is used. Here is the link: