Legal guidelines

There are various guidelines provided throughout this section dedicated to sharing Christian Science.  Below are links to all of them:

General ideas about copyrights

The Christian Science Journal asked The Mother Church's General Counsel to shed some light on copyrights and how they relate to the work of The Mother Church and its branches. This resulting article, Copyright Ethics, is reprinted from the March 2012 issue of the Journal

The General Counsel writes, "In simple terms, a copyright is an exclusive ownership right given to the author of a creative work. Things such as a book, a song, a play, a photograph, or a work of art all have copyright. It helps me to think of it as a property right in something creative just as one would have a property right to real estate or a car one owned. Just as you would ask permission before borrowing your neighbor’s car, you would ask before using copyrighted work." more

Use of the Cross and Crown trademark

The Cross and Crown seal is a trademark and can be used only with permission. more

Branch churches and societies


Guidelines have been provided in order to help support and protect branch churches as they create websites. What you show in your website(s) is largely up to your own inspiration and creativity in responding to the needs of your community. more

Sharing church services or other activities via the Internet and other media

As Christian Science branch churches and societies continue to look at their church services, Sunday School, and other activities in a fresh way, some have incorporated the Internet and other new media, to more broadly connect members and church attendeees to these services and meetings. For example, a number of branches transmit Sunday services and Wednesday meetings through conference calls, Internet/Skype, webcasting and other means. Here — Copyright Guidelines for Sharing Christian Science Church Services via Technology — is information for sharing services, etc., via technology.

Social media

The Mother Church's General Counsel also provided five legal thoughts to help keep your social media and website activities on the straight and narrow. These points are helpful for both individuals and branches.

Key legal guidelines for

You'll find information on copyright, trademarks, guidelines for posting comments in discussions, and more in the Terms of Service section and on the Websites of The Mother Church page.

Guidelines for linking to TFCCS and CSPS websites

Information about linking using the logos of various CSPS and TFCCS publications and websites, such as The Christian Science,,, etc., can be found in the Terms of Service or Permissions pages on their respective websites.

More information about linking

Use of materials from CSPS and TFCCS websites or publications other than covers

The CSPS and TFCCS do not generally permit articles, testimonies or other materials from their websites or publications to be posted on other websites (but see for information about reusing Monitor content, including on websites).

Instead, materials from the Christian Science periodicals and products, or other public TFCCS and CSPS websites (JSH-Online,, and, may be linked to as described in the Guidelines, but may not be reproduced or redistributed without permission.