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About Christian Science

Christian Science brochure

This new brochure provides basic information about the theology and practice of Christian Science and the activities of The First Church of Christ, Scientist and its publications. It can be downloaded, printed, and shared with others. promotional materials

There are bookmarks, banners, and videos available for promoting more

Cross and Crown seal

The Cross and Crown seal isn't directly downloadable, but you can request permission to use it. This seal is a registered trademark of the Christian Science Board of Directors. Therefore, anyone making use of the seal must first have a formal license issued through the Trademark Administrator of The Mother Church. Please pardon the formality and procedure, but it is necessary to protect this valuable trademark. more

Christian Science resources

Your Daily Lift

Daily Lift

Banners, flyers, bookmarks, and business cards are available to promote Your Daily Lift. more

For Reading Rooms

There are a variety of banners, flyers, posters, etc., available to help Reading Rooms create displays. more