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Prayer works

The lecture committee at First Church of Christ, Scientist in Eugene, OR wanted to sponsor a lecture that would really speak to the community's needs. But first, they invited individuals in the community to share insights on particular topics of relevance to the community and their lecture. A member reflects on how this "Prayer Works" lecture initiative came about, and its fruitage.

The members of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist in Centerville, OH realized that they needed to more actively embrace the community. A member shares one example of how the members' prayers led them to participate in a local business alliance, which has been a blessing for both the branch and the organization.

Prison ministry

A member of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist in Centerville, OH shares how participating in the local prison ministry has been a meaningful opportunity to share Christian Science and healing. 

Community fairs

Several years ago, 1st Church of Christ, Scientist in Centerville, OH was struggling financially. They decided to use recorded music instead of live music, and to use the money saved to invest in Science and Healths to sell at local community fairs. Watch as members reflect on their experiences sharing.

Classroom talks

A member of 1st Church of Christ, Scientist in Centerville, OH has been invited to speak or provide a speaker in a course at his alma mater. Over the course of the last ten years, these opportunities have been fruitful opportunities to share Christian Science and Science and Health with the students.

The members of First Church of Christ, Scientist in Barrington, IL have been yearning to be a more active presence in their community. A few members share how this desire has blossomed into participation in various community activities, including a community meal.

Three panelists discuss how each Christian Scientist's life is an important part of the leaven of Truth that we see in science, theology and medicine.

Four speakers discuss how the leaven of Truth is at work in science, theology, medicine and in our own backyards

Dorothy Estes, CSB and Marshall Ingwerson, Editors of the Chrisitan Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald and the Christian SCinece Monitor respectively, discuss how the periodicals support healing.

John Best-Jarvis and Kristen Wakefield discuss an example of the work of the "Prayer Warriors" work at the downtown Sacramento Christian Science Reading Room. This is a short excerpt of the breakout session on Reading Rooms as Community Embrace

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