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Three panelists discuss how each Christian Scientist's life is an important part of the leaven of Truth that we see in science, theology and medicine.

Four speakers discuss how the leaven of Truth is at work in science, theology, medicine and in our own backyards

Dorothy Estes, CSB and Marshall Ingwerson, Editors of the Chrisitan Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald and the Christian SCinece Monitor respectively, discuss how the periodicals support healing.

John Best-Jarvis and Kristen Wakefield discuss an example of the work of the "Prayer Warriors" work at the downtown Sacramento Christian Science Reading Room. This is a short excerpt of the breakout session on Reading Rooms as Community Embrace

Community Embrace panelists present Prayer Warriors in the Community: The experiences of the downtown Sacramento Reading Room

For the Love of Church: Changes that Work. The inspiration and experiences of First Church, Auburn, California.  

Jason Marsh looks at the Christian Science culture and the balance of Love and Principle in our church activities

Youth at the NorCal Summit speak from the heart: sharing what they want in a church

What do others know about Christian Science, and what do their answers prompt us to explore at this NorCal Summit?

You'll find helpful handouts from the "Sharing Christian Science" and also a summary for the "Going into the Healing Practice" workshops

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