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Hundreds of articles about sharing Christian Science have been published in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel over the years, and are now available online at JSH-Online. (These periodicals are great for sharing, too!) 

Overcoming resistance to sharing Christian Science

Sharing Christian Science (Sentinel Radio Program 1034)

Sharing Christian Science brings many blessings

From The Mother Church


Please refer to guidelines for sharing links, articles, media, or webpages on this website,,,, and more

Social media

If you're interested in social media, here are some informational videos, pointers, a list of accounts hosted by The Mother Church, and some legal guidelines. more

Ecumenical and interfaith community

Open conversations - stream

Circle of faith is a place where people of all faiths and backgrounds are invited to share their insights. Participate by reading blog posts, listening to podcasts and leaving comments. more

Downloadable materials

There are several downloadable materials available for sharing, such as bookmarks, fliers, brochures, etc. more

Workshop: Talking with others about health

Formerly titled "Talking with others about Christian Science," this workshop helps people think through how to explain Christian Science to a world seeking better ways to achieve and preserve health. more


The most significant way

While usually accomplished quietly, sharing Christian Science through healing brings the greatest benefit possible to individuals, communities, and the world. examples

Branch church sharing

In the community

Branch churches and societies, their services, Sunday Schools, Reading Rooms, lectures, committee work, etc., are all designed to bless their local communities. see examples of what others have done

Church Alive content

Church Alive

Connect with others thinking about branches in the community. Below are some ongoing conversations.

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Once churches have established themselves in their specific community, it's helpful to get the word out. One way to do that is through the Internet. How can churches choose the tools that are right for them? What are the legal requirements for websites, church service broadcasts, etc.? more

More about branch sharing 

Other outlets

Help circulate Christian Science in the news

Articles about Christian Science, by Christian Scientists, are appearing in newspapers around the world. Several examples are posted on this site for sharing.

And anywhere in the world

People are searching for spiritual insights all over the Web. You can bring a Christian Science perspective to online discussions anywhere by gently commenting on articles and blogs, linking to Christian Science resources, etc. more

Legal guidelines

As you share, please be aware of the laws that govern your activity. more

Cross and Crown trademark

Here are some guidelines for using the Cross and Crown trademark. more