Christian Science Publishing Society

The Board of Directors intends to elect David Kennedy, C.S.B., of Naples, Florida, as the next JSH Editor. He will succeed Dorothy Estes, C.S.B., who has served in that capacity for the past three years.

The Trustees announce changes at The Christian Science Publishing Society.

Marshall Ingwerson was named the editor of theMonitor,succeeding John Yemma.

The Christian Science Publishing Society announces a new way to give JSH-Online to family and friends.

The Board of Trustees of The Christian Science Publishing Society announce the new Trustee.

The Christian Science Monitor Weekly announces a new digital edition app for iPad and Android.

JSH-Online announces an updated online version of The Christian Science Journal Directory located in the sidebar of or at

JSH-Online is pleased to announce that all German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish Herald content (past and present) is now included on and is accessible with a JSH-Online or print Herald subscription.

How copyright ethics relate to the work of The Mother Church and its branches