Committee on Publication

This is an update from the Committee on Publication, U.S. Federal Office, about the status of options for Christian Scientists in the United States under the Affordable Care Act.

How will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect you? Listen in . . . .

June 28, 2012. The Committee on Publication has just shared this information about the Supreme Court ruling on the health care reform law. 

August 5, 2010. The Church has posted four short videos sharing some of the plans and showing the plaza and reflecting pool.

July 20, 2010.   The Church released a draft plan for proposed changes to the Christian Science Plaza.

June 29, 2010. You can now follow developments of the Committee’s Federal Office in Washington, DC, on the Committee on Publication blog.

March 25, 2010:  The Clerk shared the following with members and friends about the new federal  health care reform law.   It is a message sent to Committees on Publication.

March 25, 2010. The Clerk shared the following communication sent to Committees on Publication with members and friends.

December 4, 2009. For several months, the Committee on Publication has been working with Congress to obtain a provision in the health care reform legislation that would prevent insurance companies from discriminating against people who want to use spiritual care for their health care.