Christian Science Plaza and local activities

Bringing members and friends up to date on what is happening on the Plaza.

The Site Service Real Estate Team is pleased to share an update on the Church Plaza Revitalization project.

August 30, 2012. The Clerk of The Mother Church sent an email with the following message to members and friends today.

February 23, 2012. Real Estate Planning at The First Church of Christ, Scientist sent the following the following information with members and the press today.

September 14, 2011. Real Estate Planning at The First Church of Christ, Scientist, made the following announcement: Earlier today, the Boston Zoning Commission approved the Church’s plan to add three additional buildings on the outskirts of the Christian Science Plaza.

August 5, 2010. The Church has posted four short videos sharing some of the plans and showing the plaza and reflecting pool.

July 20, 2010.   The Church released a draft plan for proposed changes to the Christian Science Plaza.

June 23, 2010.   Church officials shared the following.

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