A video message from the Christian Science Board of Directors

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

Hello, friends! It’s good to be in touch with you again. Our last video communication with you was in June at Annual Meeting 2013. You might recall that our theme then was “Small seeds … vital growth.” Since that time we’ve continued to pray about the growth of our Church. This prayer naturally leads our thought to healing—the foundation on which our Church is built (see S&H 136.1).  

What we’ve seen is that the desire and ability to heal is not limited by age or experience. The three stories we’re sharing with you in this video illustrate how naturally Christian Science Sunday Schools around the world are teaching and nurturing young people to be healers. You’ll see examples from Zimbabwe; California, USA; and the Philippines.

Hearing from these young people as they learn more about the truth that heals, is a wonderful reminder of how important these schools are for planting the seeds of growth. We look forward to exploring more topics like this together at our Annual Meeting 2014.


Nathan Talbot
Clerk of The Mother Church

Robin Hoagland
Michael Pabst
Margaret Rogers
Nathan Talbot
Lyle Young

  1. So delightful to see these healers around the globe!!

  2. This outreach is a splendid idea. It shares the
    Board's inspiration and love with the field
    and prods each of us to do more and better
    healing. What a great church we have!

  3. Support of healing is vital to our world and our church. Sunday School is a wonderful way to encourage and share how to heal, how to pray, how to find inspiration and how to be a part of what Christ Jesus taught! The video sharing from different parts of the world are helpful examples of this good work. Let's keep it moving forward with joy and love.

  4. so grateful, this help others to know that God is on our side and is the healer of all the world,thank you!

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