A new member of the Christian Science Board of Directors

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

After four very full years of inspired and tireless work as a member of the Christian Science

The Christian Science Board of Directors

Board of Directors, Michael Pabst has requested to return to his home in Maine and devote himself to the practice and teaching of Christian Science, effective November 17. We are heartily grateful to both Michael and his wife, Julie—a fellow practitioner who has given her unwavering support during his tenure in Boston.

Michael has served the Church for 22 years as Producer of the radio programs associated with Der Herold der Christlichen Wissenschaft, Managing Editor for the print edition of the Herold, Manager of Practitioner Services, and as a Christian Science lecturer. When elected to the Board of Directors in 2009, he accepted double duty by simultaneously serving as a Trustee of The Christian Science Publishing Society. In this role he and his fellow Trustees have faithfully strived to fulfill Mary Baker Eddy’s charge to “energetically and judiciously manage the business of the Publishing Society on a strictly Christian basis” (Deed of Trust Organizing The Christian Science Publishing Society).  

Michael’s pivotal role at a time of great progress for the Publishing Society demanded not only very long hours but deep trust in God’s leading. He has played a key part in keeping the Christian Science periodicals abreast of the 21st century. His constant prayer that the world needs, wants, and will value these periodicals has contributed to a major decrease in the Society’s financial deficit and to putting it on a path of sustainability.

Those of us who have served with Michael treasure his joy, inspiration, love of God, and infectious laugh! We fully support him and Julie in their most important service to this Movement as healers. And we know they’ll continue to serve our Church in many significant ways—so stay tuned! 

What a joy it is to welcome our newest member of the board, Allison W. Phinney, Jr., affectionately known to his friends and colleagues as “Skip.” He and his wife, Jan, live in Boston, Massachusetts. They have two sons, Chip and Peter, and five grandchildren. While Skip’s roots as a lifelong New Englander run deep, his roots in service to Church run even deeper. He first came to work at The Mother Church in 1960. As he says, “That first step set me on a path of commitment to what I gradually came to comprehend is the greatest revolutionary Cause of all time. It began to be clear that Christian Science would always be what’s coming, never what’s going.”

Skip devoted many years to Committee on Publication work, eventually becoming Manager in 1978. He took Normal class in 1982, and later served an interim term as Clerk of The Mother Church and was also appointed a Special Lecturer. But what stands out to most people about Skip’s experience with Church are the many healing editorials he wrote during his eight years as Editor of the Journal, Sentinel, and Herald periodicals. He has also served as President of the Board of Education and as President of The Mother Church.

We know the entire Christian Science Movement joins us in expressing our deepest thanks to Michael, Skip, and their families for their consecration to our Church and their willingness to serve in these significant roles. A small point of interest to note is that both Michael and Skip spoke to us of the gratitude they felt for a time when they served side by side together in the same branch church years ago. We’re also grateful to know that even in a year of many transitions, we are assured of the continuity of good through rotation in office as provided for in our Church Manual.


For more information, please visit the Officers webpage.

  1. Many many thanks to Michael Pabst for the joyful and clearheaded contribution he made to the Board. And welcome Skip.

  2. It is a delight to hear that Skip Phinney will be joining the Board of Directors. His clear sense of the healing purpose of Christian Science is an assurance that our movement will grow forward and that we will all be studying Mrs Eddy's writings more deeply. I look forward to an exciting new year with our new directors and Clerk. We are grateful for the wonderful work done by Michael Pabst and Nate Talbot. I am sure we will be reading their words in the periodicals.

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