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How do we resist the contagion of suicide?

Val Minard

By Val Minard

With public discussion focusing on depression and suicide, don't be tricked into identifying with self-destructive dark thoughts.

Contagion. It’s been in the news lately in regard to the Ebola outbreak. And, in a more subtle way, in regard to the recent suicide of comedian, Robin Williams. You might be wondering what contagion and suicide have to do with each other? At first glance, not much.

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This article was published on Collingswood Patch on Septmeber 4, 2014

The boomerang effect of being a good neighbor

Steve Salt

By Steve Salt

"Whatever blesses one blesses all..." Mary Baker Eddy shared this verity a century ago.  It's true.  The merits of neighborliness, brotherhood and sisterhood are countless and favorably impact entire communities as well as nations. And interestingly enough, being a good neighbor affects you!

Helping neighbors has a boomerang effect that comes back to bless you too. It might seem counterintuitive, but being the giver puts you on the receiving end of good things.

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This article was published on Cleveland Plain Dealer on Septmeber 3, 2014

Breaking free from addiction


By Wendy Margolese

You may have noticed lots of headlines lately about the rise of prescription drugs – in particular, opioid painkillers – as a major cause of addiction and death by overdose.

Pain has become the most common reason that people see doctors. And, over the past decade, opioids have been the drug of choice; but this course of treatment has come with undesired side effects such as addiction, dependency and, more recently, a growing death toll.

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This article was published on Metroland Media on Septmeber 3, 2014

Meeting Parkinson's Disease With A Spiritual Response

Tony Lobl

By Tony Lobl

As if depression and addiction weren’t enough, we now learn Robin Williams also faced the daunting diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.

But the extent of the tragedy may not stop there if speculation by his close friend Rob Schneider proves correct.

“Now that we can talk about it, Robin Williams was on a drug treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s. One of the side effects is suicide!” he wrote.

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This article was published on The News Hub on August 20, 2014

Scienza e Salute con Chiave delle Scritture: fuori dal tempo (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: Timeless)


By Cristina Cordsen

Ogni attimo della nostra giornata è scandito dal tempo, tutto è misurato in minuti e ore, tutto ha un inizio e una fine. Ed è così che viviamo contando gli anni che ci allontanano o ci avvicinano a traguardi, eventi e persone. Nel suo libro Scienza e Salute con Chiave delle Scritture, la signora Eddy cita l'articolo apparso nel Lancet che racconta della ragazza che aspetta per anni alla finestra, nella speranza di vedere la persona amata tornare e priva della percezione del tempo non invecchia. "Credendo di continuare a vivere in quello stesso momento che l'aveva separata dal suo innamorato e senza contare gli anni, stava tutto il giorno alla finestra ad aspettare il suo ritorno. In questo stato mentale essa rimase giovane".

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This article was published on Huffington Post on August 11, 2014

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