Annual Meeting

In Boston or online Monday, June 6, 2016 at 1:00 pm ET. 

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,
Annual Meeting is fast approaching! You will want to read the following message from our Board of Directors right away, whether you are thinking about coming to Boston or planning to watch Annual Meeting on the Internet. And be sure not to miss the brief video of Margaret Rogers, Chairman of the Board, inviting us all to Annual Meeting.

Suzanne Riedel
Clerk of The Mother Church

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Beloved Church family,

We so look forward to uniting with you for Annual Meeting on June 6 – online wherever you are, or here in Boston. We love this sacred and joyful occasion to share with and hear from members around the globe how the scientific knowledge of God is tangibly blessing humanity. It’s a time to inspire and strengthen each other in fulfilling Mary Baker Eddy’s vision for her Church as “designed to be built on the Rock, Christ; even the understanding and demonstration of divine Truth, Life, and Love, healing and saving the world from sin and death; thus to reflect in some degree the Church Universal and Triumphant” (Church Manual, p.19).

Healing and saving the world! That’s quite an expectation. We rejoice in global examples of progress in justice and peace—heartening evidence of a growing understanding of one universal God that is Truth and Love. Yet much remains to be done to demonstrate the reality of God’s allness that heals and saves individuals, nations, and the whole earth.

As we seek to fulfill the unique and essential role of church to meet this pressing need, these questions may stir thought:

  • What does the world around me think about church?
  • What did Mary Baker Eddy expect church to be and do?
  • What do I expect church to be and do?

In spite of any limited and limiting views of church and its contemporary relevance, there is a universal hunger for the heartfelt experience of God’s saving power. And these questions press us to respond to the demand for church that is vibrant with unselfed love and actively engaged in authentic Christian healing for humanity. The still radical, still new understanding of God and man found in Christian Science is life-changing. It birthed the Church of Christ, Scientist and continues to grow it as we each realize our own vital part in forwarding its healing mission.

At Annual Meeting, Church members will tell how they’re deepening and expanding their healing practice—through daily study of the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and the weekly Christian Science Bible Lessons, and by the compassion, hope and work for the world that The Christian Science Monitor and our other periodicals inspire.

As we feel more of the stability, confidence, and inclusive love the structure of Truth and Love brings to our lives, people the world over searching for a better home will recognize, desire, and find the precious knowledge of the all-loving God that Church offers everyone.

What a joy it will be to welcome as many of you as possible to Annual Meeting 2016.

With great love and gratitude for each one who has named the name of Christ,

Robin Hoagland, Allison W. Phinney, Scott Preller, Margaret Rogers, Lyle Young

View a replay of Annual Meeting 2015.