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Christ-healing is a key focus of church: a video with three healing experiences

This is a message from the Clerk about the healing mission of the Church of Christ, Scientist. It includes a short video.

The Sterling Edition of our Pastor

The Publisher's Agent announces the Sterling Edition of the Bible and Science and Health.

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News of healing

You can hear about healing via videos on this website, at Wednesday testimony meetings, and in nearly 130 years of articles published in Christian Science magazines. more

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Sunday School conference calls

Twice a week, Sunday School teachers and supporters gather on a conference call, with an Internet screen share.

Concord 2.0 sessions

Join these live online training sessions to learn about Concord 2.0.

Sentinel chat

June 17, 2014: Healing fear, panic attacks, and anxiety

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Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting 2014 theme is "A spiritual foundation of Christ-healing." You can view or download the replay of the June 2nd meeting. more

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