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Write about your prayer, inspiration, healing, and experiences, then submit them to any of these publications and websites.

The Christian Science Journal

The Christian Science Journal records the healings and spiritual insights of those who faithfully practice Christian Science. Individuals share how an ever-developing understanding of God has healed, enlightened, and blessed them, expanding their spirituality and ability to heal others. Learn more about writing for the Journal.

Christian Science Sentinel

Each week the Christian Science Sentinel keeps readers spiritually alert and conscious of God's power in their daily lives. It provides a prayerful window on your world. Learn more about writing for the Sentinel.

The Herald of Christian Science

The first edition of The Herald of Christian Science was published in German in 1903 “to proclaim the universal activity and availability of Truth.” Today print editions of the Herald appear in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, while online the Herald now posts video testimonies, audios, and written material in more than 24 languages. Learn more about writing for the Herald.


Welcome to a community that encourages you to think for yourself and live for the world. We are a diverse group of students, young professionals, and spiritual thinkers who are inspired by Mary Baker Eddy’s words, “The time for thinkers has come.” Start a discussion or share your ideas.

Other online communities

Circle of faith is an online community honoring the "circle of faith" of which we're all a part. It's open for discussing ecumenical and interfaith activities.  Learn more.