Concord Desktop 2 now available!

Download Concord Desktop 2 at www.concordworks.com/desktop. Current 1.0 or 1.5 users can simply download and follow the installation instructions for Mac and Windows. New users may also download this file, but need to purchase the Concord 1.0 DVD and use the License Codes with the 2.1 download.

For system requirements and technical comments, download the Release Notes.

A DVD containing the Concord Desktop 2.0 upgrade will soon be available for purchase. Check back later for updates.

What's new?

Learn about the new features of Concord 2.0.

This 7 minute video walks you through the features of Concord 2.0.

Concord Desktop 2.0 Informational Packet for Reading Rooms

The Concord Desktop 2.0 packet was mailed to Reading Rooms in February 2013. Included in the packet: inventory questions, how to help customers install the upgrade, basic functionality overview, new features, comparison chart to past versions.