Supplement hymnal notes

Below are audio web streams of some of the Supplement hymns that the congregation sang during a Hymn Sing held at The Mother Church in 2009. (These are not available for download.) Almost one-third of the hymns in the Supplement are borrowed from hymnals of other Christian denominations. However, the selections below are some of the new hymns—all composed or arranged by Christian Scientists and published as Christian Science hymns for the first time in the 2008 Supplement.

We thank Désirée Goyette-Bogas for her role as Musical Director of the Annual Meeting 2009 Hymn Sing. Peter Allen, also a composer and performer from San Francisco, provided the electronic keyboard accompaniment. Other instrumentalists who assisted in some of the hymns were Verity Norman from South Africa on the electric violin and Alex Cook from Boston on the guitar as well as children and adults from the Boston area branch churches. You will hear these musicians, together with the congregation, on the audio links below.

Composers and sources

Learn about some of the composers whose works appear in the Hymnal Supplement.

James Leith Macbeth Bain, Adpt. by Robert Rockabrand
Words by Mary Baker Eddy
Music © 2008 The Christian Science Board of Directors

Though often thought of as a Scottish folk tune, this hymn tune, Brother James’ Air, was actually composed by James Leith Macbeth Bain (1840-1925) and first published in 1915. It has been used in Christian hymnody as the setting to several hymn texts and here provides a lovely alternate setting for Mrs. Eddy’s poem “Love.” It has been arranged by Dr. Robert Rockabrand, an active singer, composer, music professor and lecturer.
Joy Tessman and Scott Martin, Arranged/Elizabeth C. Adams
Music © 1987 The Christian Science Publishing Society
Words © 1932 The Christian Science Board of Directors

This alternate setting of Hymn 58 was first introduced through a recording sold in Christian Science Reading Rooms in the late 1900’s on a tape “A World More Bright.” Its syncopated, rock-like rhythms were happily accompanied here by children from Boston area Sunday Schools playing rhythm sticks and shakers.
Peter B. Allen/Maria Louise Baum
Music © 2008 Peter B. Allen
Words © The Christian Science Board of Directors

Peter Allen’s new hymn tune uses the jazz harmonic progressions which characterize his compositions. It gives this setting a rich warmth which differs from other wonderful settings of this text in hymns 109 and 110. In this instance, after the play through of the hymn, Nathan Smith sang the first verse and the congregation joined for the second verse.
Désirée Goyette / Désirée Goyette
© 2008 Lightchild Publishing. Used by permission.
Susan Mack / Susan Mack
© 2007 In Our Field Productions. Used by permission.

The folk hymn style of this text setting by Susan Mack is ‘sing-able’ and memorable, though it includes light syncopation. It joyously and repeatedly affirms God’s tender mercies for each individual, regardless of human circumstances. Guitar chords are provided for this hymn in the print Supplement for those who do not use keyboards in their services or just to support the singing, as is done here. Dilshad Khambatta Eames, Allison Rose, and Laura LaPointe sang the first verse (in harmony at the end) and then the congregation joined for all remaining verses.
Peter B. Allen / Peter B. Allen
Words © 2008 Peter B. Allen. Used by permission

Peter Allen’s rousing setting of Scriptural texts as well as phrases from Mrs. Eddy’s writings inspire action. It includes the words found in the Cross and Crown trademark, “Heal the sick, Cleanse the lepers, Cast out demons, Raise the dead.” Though all the hymns inspire healing, this text quite literally does.