Supplement hymn sings

Learn about the new Christian Science Hymnal Supplement!

...Through free presentations by a representative from the Christian Science Publishing Society and local sings presented by branches.

For congregations — members and attendees

The Christian Science Publishing Society is happy to send a representative to lead a Sing focused on the 2008 Hymnal Supplement. The 90-minute program includes:

  • An overview of the recent Supplement
  • Singing about ten of the new Supplement hymns, including easy and “hard” ones, as well as specific requests
  • Brief information about the sources of hymn texts and music
  •  Updates on the current project to continue exploring new hymns, including global music
  • Comments on some frequently asked questions about the Christian Science Hymnal and sharing a few sample pages from early editions
  • Time for questions

The Publishing Society requests that host branch(es) gather at least 50 attendees for the Sing. Multiple branches in your area may wish to participate and be included.

For church musicians

A separate session is offered for church musicians, Music Committee members, and other interested persons to discuss the accompaniment of congregational song, specifically some of the Supplement hymns. There is no minimum for those who would like to attend this session.

Frequently asked questions when planning a hymn sing

Do we need to provide our own musicians?

Churches are encouraged to engage local branch church musicians to accompany the Sing, if possible.

  • It is important to have a pianist and/or organist who is willing and able to play Supplement hymns accurately.
  • Other musicians may participate, if you wish, such as guitarists, violinists, or other instrumentalists. Please let the representative know who will be playing so she can work with him/her ahead of time to prepare.
  • If local musicians are not available, the representative will use other resources for the accompaniment

What if we don’t have enough Supplements for everyone who may come?

Please encourage attendees to bring their own copies. The representative is happy to bring several dozen copies of the Supplement for the Sing. If more are needed, please discuss this with the representative.

Local sings presented by branches

Many branches have held their own hymn sings and are encouraged to continue doing so. Sometimes this has been a very unifying time for a branch. We would love to hear what you have been doing!

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