Supplement concordance

The Supplement Hymns are included in the new version of Concord. However, for those who have not yet purchased the new product, a simple Excel spreadsheet if offered below as a free download. Using the Find feature (Control F), users can do simple one word searches of the Supplement hymns.

This compilation follows the plan of the Hymnal Concordance. Almost all words are indexed. Exceptions are some prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and a few other minor words. It references only new hymn texts. Therefore, the 11 texts that are duplicated from the Hymnal are not included here. Please note these new musical settings in the Supplement when referencing these same texts in the Hymnal. They are listed below.

First line Hymnal Supplement
Blest Christmas Morn 23-28 432, 433
Brood o’er us 30-32 434, 435
Come, gracious Spirit 39 436
Father, we Thy loving children 58 438
Glorious things of thee are spoken 71 440
Here, O God, thy healing presence 109, 110 442
It matters not what be thy lot 160-162 447
O, sometimes gleams upon our sight 238, 239 451
Saw ye my Saviour? 298-302   454
Shepherd, show me how to go 304-309 456
Take my life, and let it be 324 457


Words are indexed by hymn and verse number. If it is appears in more than one verse in the same hymn, the verses are separated by commas.

Ref = Refrain. If the Refrain has slight changes to a word, this is indicated by numbering the Refrain to match the verse it follows.

Des = Descant. A descant is a musical line written above the melody line. Hymn 455 includes this feature and it is identified in this manner.

Download the Supplement Concordance (.xls)

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