Articles about music and hymns 

The following list is a sample of some articles, previously published by the Publishing Society either in print or online, that will be of interest to those who are exploring the role of music in our church services and Sunday Schools. Please email with additional suggestions of articles that you have found particularly helpful on this subject.

The first three articles may be read for free.  To read the rest, you will need to be a subscriber to JSH-Online.

“Sing a Glad Song Manual By-Laws on church music”

(One of a series of articles from The Mary Baker Eddy Library about various Manual By-Laws)
The Christian Science Journal, April 2009, pp 18-19

“Song and Salvation”

By Margaret Morrison
Christian Science Sentinel, April 9, 1932, pp 625-626
Introducing the newly revised Hymnal to the Field in 1932.

“The Hymn Saved his Life”

Christian Science Sentinel, March 16, 1899, p. 12

"When the Heart Sings"

By Fenella Bennetts
Christian Science Sentinel, February 20, 2011 pp. 6-7
Hymns of all faiths have always been a powerful means of placing trust in God and experiencing His grace and protection.

"‘Find Your Refuge’: Mary Baker Eddy and Hymns"

By Judy Huenneke
Christian Science Sentinel, February 20, 2011 pp. 8-9
An exploration of the Christian Science Founder’s love of hymns and their role in the culture of her time.

“Lift up your voice”

By Kim Shippey
Christian Science Sentinel, August 23, 2010, pp. 12-13
A profile of Julia Wade, soloist of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

“The Singing Church”

By Peter B. Allen
The Christian Science Journal, January 2010, pp. 50-52
A general discussion of congregational hymn singing as well as a musical overview of the wide variety of hymns included in the new Supplement.

“‘The Rhythm of Head and Heart’”

By Susan Mack
The Christian Science Journal, October 2009, pp. 56-57
The Composer discusses hymns, prayer, healing, and specifically writing the music for the Supplement Hymn 452 “O Thou unchanging Truth.”

“The Music of Soul”

The Christian Science Journal, September 2007, pp. 12-15
A dialogue with musicians of the The Mother Church, Ed Starner, organist, and Julia Wade, soloist.

“How hymns provide comfort and healing”

Live chat (December 13, 2005) with Peter Hodgson, a professor of Hymnology, takes about hymns, their use in our services, Mrs. Eddy’s hymns and more.
 Read the transcript of the chat or scroll to the bottom of the transcript and listen to the audio replay of the chat

The Music in the Church shall not be operatic

Read a short article that Peter Hodgson wrote as a follow up to the chat.

“Historical and contemporary musings—about music”

The Christian Science Journal, January 2003, pp. 42-45.
 A conversation with Jennifer Foster who was soloist at The Mother Church when this was published.

“The Great Rhythms of Life: An Conversation with Fenella Bennetts”

The Christian Science Journal, October 2008, p. 18-24

“The many sounds of music: A conversation with composer, arranger, singer, and actor Desiree Goyette”

Christian Science Sentinel, March 29, 1999, pp. 17-18

“Paeans of Praise from Poland”

Christian Science Sentinel, September 10, 2007, pp. 18-19
 Article about Peter B. Allen and his experience recording hymn arrangements with the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra.

“‘Music is divine’”

By Walter E. Young
 Christian Science Sentinel, September 3, 1932, p. 3