Hymnal Supplement

The Christian Science Publishing Society is happy to support the branches in their use of the new Hymnal Supplement: Hymns 430-462. Read about a hymn sing available to branch churches (in the USA and Canada). It is a wonderful and joyous opportunity to consider congregational song together and new hymns for Sunday School and church services.

The 2008 Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, Hymns 430-462, is the Publishing Society’s first new publication of music for church services in over 75 years. We were pleased to make these new hymns available in 2008 and are currently compiling another Supplement.

We are grateful for the many hundreds of submissions we received from October 2008 until the March 1, 2011 deadline. The response to the invitation for all to share their suggestions or original hymns evidenced the sincere desire of members, many of whom are writers and musicians, to share the healing inspiration of new hymns with fellow members. We are grateful to facilitate this heartfelt collaborative and worldwide contribution from the members, for the Movement. Thank you for all your submissions and support. We look forward to sharing the final collection with you when it is complete.

Meanwhile, in addition to our desire to support local hymn sings, several products related to the Hymnal Supplement: Hymns 430-462 support its use and enjoyment.

  • The Accompanist’s Edition in the large print size is particularly useful for musicians.
  • The Let’s Sing! CD provides a simple piano accompaniment with solo voices, thus presenting the hymns for listening and learning.
  • The Accompaniment Edition CD provides only the music to the hymns, offering some varied instrumentation with a piano, and is appropriate for use in services, Sunday School, etc.
  • The Words Only Edition provides for easy reading of the poetic texts.
  • A simple concordance is offered, which can be downloaded for free.
  • Ergänzung zum Liederbuch der Christlichen Wissenschaft: Deutsche Ausgabe 2010 is a collection of 12 Supplement hymns translated into German, and may be purchased from the online shop as a downloadable PDF.You may purchase 1 copy or permission to make 12 copies.
  • Supplément à l’Hymnaire de la Science Chrétienne — Édition française 2013 is a collection of the same 12 Supplement hymns translated into French, and may also be purchased from the online shop as downloadable PDF. You may purchase 1 copy or permission to make 12 copies.

If you have questions about the new or future Supplements, please see the frequently asked questions section or submit your question by email to Hymnal-submissions@csps.com or by calling 617-450-2768.