Trust Great Britain

Trust Great Britain

Welcome to The Christian Science Trust in Great Britain

The purpose of the Trust is to support the promotion of Christian Science and the extension of Church Activity. The activities we support are based on the Church Manual and a full list of our guidelines is available. We are keen to help your church, society or informal group promote the healing mission of Christian Science and it is always a pleasure to receive applications for funding to support projects which fit within the guidelines. The Trustees are also pleased to hear about new ways to help make Christian Science more publicly known in your community.

Trust Brit was founded in 1956 and since that time has enabled members and friends to make donations that are used in support of The Mother Church and grants for branch churches at home and abroad. The Board of Directors appoints Trustees to administer the affairs of the Trust and they are responsible for the disbursement of grants, subject to the approval of the Committee on Finance. The Trust's functions are administered in conjunction with the Office of the Treasurer of The Mother Church in Boston and in keeping with the Church Manual.

The Trust was primarily established as a means for residents of the United Kingdom to channel their financial contributions to The Mother Church through a UK entity. Trust Brit, as a registered UK charity, can accept donations and, where the donor pays income tax, recover basic rate UK income tax on these donations. This means, at present, that such donations are 25% more valuable. In the case of legacies there is also a tax benefit to the donor as charitable legacies are exempt from the 40% inheritance tax levied on estates over a certain size. 

There are many ways for members and friends to support the activities of The Mother Church through gifts, bequests, wills and living trusts. Learn more.