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We are pleased to announce the Trustees for this coming term; June 2, 2014 to May 31, 2015:

  • Norm Hanna of Red Deer Alberta
  • Justin Marples of Vancouver, BC
  • Cathryn Place of Boston, MA

Fruitage from projects supported by Trust Canada

Public Events
The Pacific NorthWest Summit took place in Portland, OR from April 4-6, 2014. The Summit theme was “Our mission is to Heal.” Trust Canada assisted First Church West Vancouver in establishing a travel assistance fund that enabled people in Canada to attend the Summit and to cover travel expenses for some of the Summit speakers. Approximately 600 participants came from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta (and some from farther afield). 

A number of Canadians presented at the Summit, including Anna Bowness-Park, Committee for BC, who kicked off the conference with a powerful, humourous, and healing Keynote address (Our Mission is to Heal). Reflecting back on the event, a delegate remarked, “One idea that stood out to me was the idea of Inclusiveness.  Church, loving members, Church Manual, nursing, practice, etc., were all explored from an inclusive basis.  No one is excluded from healing or being a healer.”

First Church Ottawa invited Lecturer Shirley Paulson to facilitate a workshop for their membership and adherents and to address students at the Ottawa Lay School of Theology. Both events were well attended and received. The response from the School of Theology was encouraging enough that the church is considering offering another lecturer to the school in this month. All round it was a very positive uplifting experience.

In May, Second Church Montreal sponsored 2 lectures, one in Montreal and the other in Quebec. Lecturer Lesley Gort’s interactive talk was effective and appreciated by her audiences. Denyse Dequoy wrote “I thank the Trust for its support that allows us to open up to the community.”

Broadening Community Engagement
First Church Victoria recently undertook a substantial renovation which included a new platform and audio system to better serve congregants and to become an attractive, more integral part of the community. As a result the church is not only improved functionally and aesthetically to serve the traditional purposes of Christian Science, but has played host to a number of appropriate community groups and events, with some 4800 attendants having exposure to Christian Science. Church volunteers are on hand oversee these event and to answer questions regarding Christian Science. The community has expressed appreciation for both the aesthetics and functionality of the church. As one member put it, “While the main purpose of our project was to improve the space and sound for our own members, another hope was to open the church to the community and we feel we are now an integral part of the community instead of just being in the community.”

Traveling Reading Room

Travelling RR
Travelling RR Box

Nurses training
In February 2014 a  three day workshop entitled “Nursing the Babe of Christian Healing” was held at Wayside House in Victoria BC.  A participant commented that as a result of her participation she was hired for on the job training as a nursing student at Wayside.  She was most grateful for the support from Trust Canada and added that every step unfolded perfectly for her.

In September of 2013 a CS Nursing Conference was held at Cedars Camps in Lebanon, Missouri. A Journal listed CS Nurse who was in attendance reported finding an expanded sense of CS nursing due to dedicated examples from those in the healing ministry and realized that CS nursing is very much an integral part of the Christian Science Church. She said it was a healing experience for her and was the beginning of a renewed sense of purpose in her work as a Christian Science Nurse.

Ongoing Support for Global Development

Literature Distribution to Developing Countries     Trust Canada has added $1M over 2 years to its previous 3-year, $1.5M support of the TMC literature distribution program. Through this initiative, CS branches and groups in developing countries located in Africa, Latin America and South America receive CS periodicals, books and other CS literature that would otherwise be simply unaffordable.

New Typesetting and Translations         

In 2012, Trust Canada committed $850,000 over 3 years in support of new editions of The King James Bible and Science and Health in English, the translations of Unity of Good in four languages (other than English), two new translations of Science and Health and a translation of the Church Manual.

Electronic Study and Access Project           
Trust Canada has approved a 3-year $925,000 commitment to support the further enhancements to and development of Concord software tool and digitizing in four languages the Herald Bound Volumes available on the JSH online. The project will enhance access to blogs and audio podcasts and increase the volume of online CS literature dating back to 1883.

Your Input Valuable       
We would love to hear from you about how we could better assist your branches engage in more active and effective community outreach.  Please write to us at trustcan@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas.  Also, we welcome suggestions for improvements to the newsletter and website to better serve the Christian Science community.