Guidelines for financial subsidy

Guidelines for Financial Subsidy

 Herewith are the guidelines for the primary projects and activities that the Trust supports. The Trustees welcome new creative ideas from branches and individuals for promoting Manual-based activities.

 Trustees review applications on a case-by-case basis. Applications will be considered based on financial need. Generally, the trustees will consider subsidy up to 75% of total cost of an activity. Exceptions may be made.

 Public Events

Eligible activity: broadcasting, expos and fairs, second and subsequent annual lectures (Societies qualify for support for any lecture).

Reading Room & Displays

Eligible activity:

  • materials, construction and/or upgrade/enhancement of Reading Room or public location display, kiosks and/or windows where the renovations are designed to improve the visibility and outreach;
  • display materials, stands, props, posters, lighting, signage, electronic display.


Eligible activity:

  • upgrade existing systems to include broadband and colour scan/copy/printer capability;
  • first system only (not for a second system/computer);
  • set-up fees
  • first year of internet service fees

 Building Projects

Generally, small project(s) (not land, rent, or general operating expenses):

  • building repairs
  • refurbishment and/or upgrade
  • maximum grant of $5000 once in three years

 Individual Support

Eligible: appointees of The Mother Church, Committee on Publication, branch churches and societies and Christian Science nurses.

Eligible activity: international and national conferences, The Mother Church meetings or activities, Youth Summits, CS nursing training and mentoring.


The Trustees will support activity advertising where applicants can provide sufficient evidence or reasonable expectation of measured success.

TC/ February 2013