Giving to The Mother Church

You can greatly increase your support of The Mother Church – and the personal satisfaction you derive from your contributions – by carefully planning how you give. Most people who give to the Church simply write checks or make credit card charges. But gifts of appreciated securities and other investment assets may have superior tax results, making it possible to greatly magnify your contributions.

Philanthropic Planning with The Mother Church

Professional gift planning assistance is available from The Mother Church. For nearly a century, beginning with Mary Baker Eddy’s own will, The Mother Church has been blessed by generous contributions from members and from other friends through bequests, trust provisions, life income arrangements, and other planned gifts.

Including The Mother Church in your estate plan

Many individuals continuing their lifetime support for The First Church of Christ, Scientist, through their wills, revocable living trusts or other estate plans. You can structure a bequest to the Church in ways that may both support the Church, and at the same time afford tax benefits.

Establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity with The Mother Church

A charitable gift annuity is simply an agreement between you and the Church, in which you exchange cash or securities for a fixed income for life, paid to one or two persons of your choosing.