2015 Per Capita Tax Message

Dear Friends,

Each year about this time we look forward to being in touch with you as very dear friends and fellow members of The Mother Church. This year we’d like to use the occasion to think together about the fact that all of us are also fellow members of the Cause of Christian Science.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, used that word Cause  frequently. For her, it signified a strong activity, a focused, resolute working together for the sake of all humanity. But it wasn’t just one among the many deserving and good purposes in the world. She knew it to be God-impelled, the “greatest and holiest of all causes” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 177), the one Cause that would make evident the nature of man as by no means material but wholly spiritual. It would reveal even in the midst of the clamorous claims of a scientific age, a new and true idea of God, which is today making available to all the experience of Christ-healing.

Mrs. Eddy explained, however, that the advancement of this Science of Christianity, which can benefit humanity as nothing else can, would require Christian Scientists working as one, sustained by divine impulsion. It would demand our own constantly renewed and deepened devotion to practical, Christ-healing.

Every healing experience contributes to the strength and vitality of this Cause. And one glance around the globe today makes it poignantly clear that Christ-healing remains as needed to heal the grief and ills and evil of the world as it was centuries ago.

Each member is essential to this ministry of healing. Your consecration to living the Sermon on the Mount, to studying the Word of God, to embracing the power and presence of the Comforter, and to demonstrating the divine Principle of the Science of being is making a difference. It may begin with the resolution of a difficulty in your own life, but it ripples out to touch the lives of family members, neighbors, and those you work with until the whole community feels something of the impact of your spiritual understanding of divine Love.

You may be finding that you’re being called on to express more of the kind of tender support that is at the heart of Christian Science nursing. You may be taking new joy in seeing how The Christian Science Monitor really is uniquely upholding the spirit of humanity with the Science behind it that “operates unspent.” And you may be digging deeper than ever before into the weekly Bible Lessons to let the voice of our Pastor urge on your healing practice.

At times, the needs we face individually or as Church members can seem monumental. But God is greater than all these needs, and He has given us the refuge of His Church to strengthen and sustain us. When we come together “communing heart with heart, mind with mind, soul with soul” as our Pastor Emeritus wrote, “such communing uplifts man’s being; it makes healing the sick and reforming the sinner a mutual aid society, which is effective here and now” (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 154-155). What rousing words to remind us of all we are as a worldwide movement and to recognize how our collective dedication to Church opens to us an upwelling spiritual joy and gratitude that carries forward this great Cause.

For all the ways that you contribute with your time and resources, your love and prayer, and most especially your commitment to practicing this healing Science, we are profoundly grateful. You will notice many changes and practical steps this year that are enabled by your support. To name just a few, these include the enlarged role of practitioner roundtables around the world, the branch church visits called “Moving Forward Together as a Church of Healers,” meetings for members on the subject of Christian Science nursing, and field meetings on the meaning of The Christian Science Monitor for communities and the world. We are all working together for this strengthening of the unique message of Christian Science to humanity through all our basic Manual avenues and activities. As you remember, we are committed to the study of Mary Baker Eddy’s article “ ‘Choose Ye’,” which has been translated into 21 languages, as preparation for our next Annual Meeting (see “‘Choose Ye’” at http://christianscience.com/languages#chooseye).

We will be sharing fruitage from all of this progress throughout the year in the Christian Science periodicals. Then we’ll come together in a spiritual homecoming here in Boston at Annual Meeting 2015, the title of which is “A spiritual foundation of Christ-healing”—continuing to build.

With all love,
The Christian Science Board of Directors