Visiting associations

Christian Science class instruction is a normal step of progress in the practice of Christian Science healing. The joys of class include not just the initial 12 or so days of instruction but the opportunity to participate in an association of your teacher’s students, which gathers annually to share in a day of spiritual growth and instruction. These associations of students form strong spiritual bonds and commitments to the practice of spiritual healing, and continue meeting even after the teacher is no longer available to conduct classes and association meetings. On rare occasions students find they are not able to attend their own annual association meeting, and may seek an opportunity to be invited as a guest of another association. Teachers who are actively conducting their association meetings make their own determination as to whether or not to accept guests in a given year. But there are currently about the same number of associations actively meeting without their teachers as there are with teachers. 

The Board of Education often hears from individuals who have been through class and would like to be the guest of an association but aren’t sure which associations accept guests, or when and where associations without teachers meet. So we have begun compiling a list of the associations that are both open to being contacted by potential guests and also are willing to have their contact information listed publicly. It includes the association's location, approximate meeting date, and contact information. This is by no means an exhaustive list of associations willing to accept guests. It simply represents those associations who responded to our initial inquiry to be publicly listed. We expect the associations on this list will change over time and we will work to keep it updated.  

For those who are class taught, unable to attend their own association, and have not attended an association this year, please feel free to click on the link below, download the PDF, and contact the listed associations for information on attending as a guest.


This list was last updated on November 10, 2014.