What is Christian Science class instruction?

The decision to take class

Christian Science Primary class instruction is a twelve-session course in spiritual healing taught by authorized Christian Science teachers located throughout the world. Do you have a heartfelt desire to help others through prayer? Christian Science Primary class instruction might be for you.

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Unable to attend your own association meeting?

Visiting an association

If you are class taught, unable to attend your own association, and are searching for an association meeting to attend this year, your search may be facilitated by our list of associations without teachers that are accepting guests. 

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How do I find a teacher?

Selecting an authorized teacher

Selecting a Christian Science teacher is an important decision. Feel free to contact any teacher and ask questions about taking class instruction.

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Feel free to email the Board of Education at BoE@csps.com or call us at 617-450-3662 if you have other questions.