Christian Science practitioner applications

A practitioner talking with a man

There are many fine and noble professions in our world, but no vocation is more needed than that of healer. Becoming a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner adds your name to the ranks of those who are daily learning that dedicating one’s life to the healing power of the laws of divine Science is the most joyful, rewarding, and fulfilling vocation in the world.

Speaking to each one of us, Mary Baker Eddy writes: “The work of healing, in the Science of Mind, is the most sacred and salutary power which can be wielded. My Christian students, impressed with the true sense of the great work before them, enter this strait and narrow path, and work conscientiously.” (Retrospection and Introspection, pp. 54–55).

The application

You'll find application forms for listing in The Christian Science Journal at the bottom of this page. Forms are in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The non-English forms serve the dual purpose of an application for listing in the Journal and The Heralds of Christian Science.

To submit the form electronically, download and save it to your computer. Once the form has been saved to your computer, you can reopen it whenever you like, completing the fields, saving it each time you close out and when it is completed, email it as an attachment to Or you may send it by mail. The mailing address is on the last page of the form.

The process

To us, the application process has less to do with filling out a form, and so much more to do with a preparation of the heart. You may have questions, and if you do, please be in touch with us at When you're ready to move forward, we'll be delighted to receive your application.

Once we've received your application, our manager of Christian Science Practitioner Advertising, Connie Coddington, will send you a follow-up e-mail, highlighting some of the Manual by-laws that practitioners have found indispensable to their healing ministry. Soon thereafter, she'll set up a telephone interview in order to get to know you and your sense of the healing practice of Christian Science.


If you have any questions about the application, please contact  We'd be happy to hear from you!