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Join us for a Christian Science practitioner roundtable

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Roundtable participants discuss the significance of Christ-healing as the foundation of our church.

Christian Science practitioner roundtables are small, intimate gatherings in the round of members interested in the practice of Christian Science, with a facilitator provided by the Christian Science Practitioner Activities department of The Mother Church. We call it a "roundtable," but we don’t actually use a table or podium. The idea is to create the feeling of a family discussion around the kitchen table.

Christ-healing is the very foundation of Christian Science, and practitioner roundtables are an inspiring way for members who would like to further their own healing practice to find out more about the public practice. We hope you will bring your own questions!

Read more about roundtables in an interview from the August 2014 issue of The Christian Science JournalA seat for you at a practitioners’ roundtable.

Types of roundtables

We offer any combination of three roundtable sessions:

  • ROUNDTABLE A: For church members as healers. A wonderful opportunity for members to consider the importance of their role as Christian Science healers (see Church Manual, 92:7).
  • ROUNDTABLE B: For those interested in, and/or actively working toward Journal listing—and Journal and Herald-listed Christian Science practitioners. An excellent opportunity to share ideas on the journey into the full-time practice.
  • ROUNDTABLE C: For Journal-listed Christian Science practitioners. A time for sharing experiences and challenges, and for building fellowship in this important work.

What you can expect

Seating arrangement for 40 attendees

Chairs are set up in the round and all participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, questions, successes, or other ideas one might be inspired to share. A roundtable group of about 25 people is best, but the groups can be as large as 40, with two concentric circles of seats. There is no minimum number of participants. Each roundtable typically lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the number of attendees. 

Find a roundtable near you

View the schedule of upcoming practitioner roundtables.

How to sponsor a roundtable

If your church would like to sponsor a practitioner roundtable, please complete the following:

  1. Contact us indicating your interest with your name, email address and phone number.
  2. We will send you our planning document which you can then share with others in your church.  
  3. Contact us again when you are ready to talk about possible dates, or have any questions. 

Our contact information:

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Phone: 617-450-2685

Frequently asked questions

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