How to become a Christian Science nurse

Christian Science nursing facilities and houses offer a wide range of educational programs and learning styles. Most offer classes onsite in conjunction with side-by-side mentoring. Offerings may include:

  • A complete schedule of classes supplemented by side-by-side mentoring.
  • Beginning classes only, referring students elsewhere for further course work.
  • Side-by-side mentoring as an alternative to classes.
  • Creative and flexible class schedules and locations to accommodate individual and family needs.

Some Journal-listed Christian Science nurses may be available as independent mentors, sharing the ethics, skills and application of Christian Science nursing principles one-on-one. There is no comprehensive registry of such mentors, but qualified Christian Science nurses may be located geographically by consulting The Christian Science Journal Directory.

Interested parties should contact Christian Science nurses and nursing organizations directly for information about their particular programs. The Mother Church does not train Christian Science nurses and the Christian Science nursing facilities and houses that offer training are not directly affiliated with The Mother Church.

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