Christian Science nursing facilities

Facility services

Christian Science nursing facilities or houses provide a sanctuary where an individual’s desire to rely solely on prayer for healing is upheld by the spiritual reassurance and practical care given by Christian Science nurses.

These organizations offer 24-hour skilled Christian Science nursing care. They may also offer:

  • “Outpatient” care for those in need of a single visit, or requiring brief daily attention, such as a bandage that needs changing.
  • “Home visits” for those whose needs can be met within two or three hours.
  • “Rest and study” rooms for those who desire a haven for prayer and study but do not have Christian Science nursing needs.
  • “Respite care” for short-term assistance at the facility, so that caregivers looking after loved ones are temporarily relieved of ongoing responsibility for care.

These are non-profit, independent organizations—each setting its own fees for payment. These organizations are not directly affiliated with The Mother Church.

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Resources for financial assistance

  • Vary from country to country.
  • In the United States some insurance companies cover nursing costs, and if the patient is eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, reimbursement for some expenses is available at participating facilities.
  • In the United Kingdom, “The Aid Fund for Christian Scientists in Need of Nursing Care” provides grants covering Christian Science nursing in facilities and homes.
  • Facilities may offer partial benevolence to those patients who qualify. Contact facilities directly with specific questions.