Trust Germany

Trust Germany

August 2014

Dear Friends

We are writing to let you know that after more than fifty years, the Frisch Trust is closing. However, do not be concerned that branches will no longer have assistance for outreach activities. Branch churches will still be able to get financial grants for lectures, workshops, reading room updates, and other activities by applying directly to The Mother Church.

As many of you know, the Frisch Trust was established through a generous gift by Dr. Hans Frisch in 1962. He indicated in a letter to the Treasurer, that he hoped to give his estate directly to The Mother Church “to be used in any way at its discretion.” However, when he learned that German taxes would consume a large part of the estate if he did so, Dr. Frisch devised a trust for the benefit of The Mother Church, the University of Nurnberg and the City of Bayreuth. This fulfilled the requirements for charitable gifts at the time, and avoided a very large tax bill. Then, in 1999, it was necessary to close the trust, and the three beneficiaries were each given their share of the proceeds.

In 2000, the Christian Science Board of Directors felt there were new opportunities to benefit the German and continental European field and decided to re-establish the Frisch Trust. They issued an Amendment and Restatement of the Frisch Trust, which expanded the purpose and scope of the Trust. This new Trust was entirely at the discretion of the Christian Science Board of Directors and established new grant-making guidelines. The new Frisch Trust had a group of trustees that extended aid to branches in support of Manual-based activities, and for a time, aid to needy individuals as the original trust had done.

In recent years, the Trust has focused on providing funds to assist branch churches and societies in their outreach activities, focusing only on Manual-based activities. We are pleased to note that over the years, grants have been given for many lectures, for nurses’ training, Youth Summits, Church Alive Summits, Reading Room window displays, advertising and many other activities in support of branch church growth. Branches will still be able to receive assistance for these activities, and simply need to contact The Mother Church for an application. In addition, practitioners and nurses, active or retired, in need of financial benevolence for Christian Science nursing care are welcome to apply to The Mother Church’s Assistance to Practitioners and Nurses program. Please contact Tina Hammers at to receive information and applications for financial grants. You may write to Tina in English or German, and we will have the letter translated. As before, the funds will be given as needed and according to grant guidelines.

We are grateful for the loving gift that Dr. Hans Frisch gave to The Mother Church and the German field so long ago and for the many church members that have served as trustees over the years. In the same spirit of love, we continue to support our worldwide branches in their efforts to share Christian Science. We look forward to hearing from you.