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Children making a star out of string via "thumbs down" game

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when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.

Micah 7 / Citation 7

We don't have to be afraid of how real the darkness seems. Love is always here and is always sufficient to break through the fear. You'll love this gentle sharing of an awakening this person had; see how his insight can inspire your day.

Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Matthew 4 / Citation 11

It's always good to let go of whatever is holding us back. The power of Love allows us to do this. Enjoy this story of someone's gentle repentance and what it unfolded for them.

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One Christian Science Sunday School teacher has been sharing Jesus’ healings in her toddlers’ class in a slightly different way. Check out how this class has been learning!

Mod Prod

If Christ Jesus were telling his stories today, maybe the Prodigal Son would be kind of like this

Everlasting Punishment

Many are willing to to open the eyes of the people to the power of good resident in divine Mind, but they are not so willing to point out the evil in human thought