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Children making a star out of string via "thumbs down" game

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 Let all the nations be gathered together

Isaiah 43 / Citation 2

Since our Father-Mother, God, is Love, it makes sense that all Love's children could be gathered together in love, respect, and constructive engagement. Check out this story of how one person learned to engage more honestly with his community and see how you and your class can live love even deeper.

Love one another with a pure heart fervently

1 Peter 1 / Citation 14

Love is foolproof! Enjoy this story of how one person prayed to find a romantic partner, knowing that love is never up to chance.

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GoVerse mobile app

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Daniel in the den of lions

Print out this page for a fun coloring activity with your Sunday School class!

Mod Prod

If Christ Jesus were telling his stories today, maybe the Prodigal Son would be kind of like this

Office politics, deception, and triumph–this is the story of Daniel and the lions' den.

A coloring book about the 23rd Psalm