Monthly conference calls for teachers and Sunday School staff

John Biggs

John Biggs, a TMC Youth staffer and Sunday School teacher, hosts a monthly conference call for teachers, superintendents, and Sunday School supporters. These calls serve as an environment for discussing ideas and challenges in our Sunday School experiences. The calls explore a weekly theme, like 'feeling fresh every Sunday,' and discussion launches from there.

During the course of the call, resources from this Sunday School site, as well as, will be shared as it fits into the conversation.

These calls are all about embracing, and being embraced by, the global Sunday School community. You are so welcome to join these calls! Everyone would love to hear your ideas and offer responses to your questions.  

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Join the conference call on Tuesday, April 29, at 3:15pm Eastern / 12:15pm Pacific USA (Daylight Savings time is in effect). These calls will be held on the last Tuesday of every month.

To participate in the call, dial this US number: (530) 881-1212 and enter this meeting ID: 141-629-897 # (Please note that this is not a toll-free number; you will be responsible to your phone provider for any long-distance charges incurred.)

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We're going back to basics as we switch to our new monthly call schedule. Let's start our discussion together by considering, "How are we nurturing a school for healers?" Whether you have the youngest class, a brand-new student in a middle grade class, or a 'veteran' about to graduate from the college class, how are you (and your Sunday School as a whole) maintaining a focus on nurturing your students as effective healers? Bring ideas you'd like to try, questions from past experiences, and fruitage as we gather on the conference call.

You're also always encouraged to head over to the Sunday School discussion forum to share responses to what others have asked about teaching Sunday School, and to voice your own questions! There's also a running discussion thread with summaries of past conference calls - check it out and share your follow-up questions and ideas there.

With all of us supporting the blessed idea of Sunday School, and each other, our communities and families are bound to feel embraced.

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In between calls, John stays in touch with teachers through email, online discussions on the Global Sunday School discussion forum, and through individual phone calls too. Please sign up for weekly email reminders about these calls using this sign-up form. Feel free to email with any questions or if you'd like to arrange an individual time to get together to explore these resources with you or your church and Sunday School community.

Feel free to contact John through that email about anything related to Sunday School!