Discussion forum for Sunday School teachers and supporters

John Biggs

John Biggs, a TMC Youth staffer and Sunday School teacher, hosts occasional conference calls for teachers, superintendents, and Sunday School supporters when requested. During the course of the call, resources from this Sunday School site, as well as Time4Thinkers.com, will be shared as it fits into the conversation.

Check out this blog about a Sunday School workshop hosted in Florida in 2013 for some ideas about how you and your church can nurture Sunday School. If you'd like, John would love to support any discussion you and your church family might have!

Please fill out this form to request a tour of the online Sunday School resources, or to request a specific conference call subject for you and your group.

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New Sunday School discussions on Facebook! 

If you're on Facebook or have been thinking about signing up, you can head on over to the Sunday School Conversations group on Facebook. You'll be able to engage with our global Sunday School community 24/7.  

There you'll find ongoing discussions about the Christian Science Bible Lesson, resource and idea sharing from the community, and each week, we'll have a highlighted question and discussion about Sunday School that can help strengthen your Sunday School class.  

Our conference calls have moved to a discussion forum format!

Head on over to the Sunday School Conversations group on Facebook. We'll be sharing questions on that forum which you can engage with online.

This week's question is: How can we cultivate an atmosphere that helps our students feel more free to ask their questions? How can we listen better and communicate in a fresh way? Click here to get to the question, which is posted right at the top of the Sunday School Conversations group. There's some more background context for the question posted there as well. Share your ideas, fruitage, and follow-up questions; your thoughts may be the perfect help for someone else!

If you aren't yet a member of the group, there's an option to join the group right at the top of the page on Facebook. You'll be able to participate in the conversation after joining.

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Feel free to email globalsundayschool@christianscience.com with any questions or if you'd like to arrange an individual time to get together to explore these resources with you or your church and Sunday School community. We'd also love to hear from you with any fruitage from your Sunday School experience and to support you however we can with any questions you may have about Sunday School.