Radical Acts


This ecumenical online community is following Jesus’ toughest teachings together. The site has become a treasure trove of Sunday School content that teachers worldwide are using to make classes deeper, livelier, and more relevant for students.

Radical Acts content was produced for students age 16 and up, but teachers often adapt it for younger audiences.

Join monthly conference calls for Sunday School teachers and supporters

Connect with other teachers, superintendents and TMC Youth staff about how to use Radical Acts in Sunday School. Join in as we expand thought beyond just thinking of Sunday School as an hour a week.

Bible Lesson Connections

Explore connections between Radical Acts content and this week's Bible Lesson (as well as other Bible Lesson-related content).

Radical Acts/the game

Pick a favorite “card” to share with students, or let them pick whatever cards come up spontaneously. Each card links Radical Acts content with provocative questions.

Radical Acts/the game card deck

This consists of a deck of cards based on the online version of Radical Acts/the game. Including easy to follow instructions, this version of the game can be played with or without internet availability. Fun, thought provoking and a great springboard for meaningful dialogue.

Radical Acts/the game online chat

time4thinkers Live Chat, hosts play the Game with friends and audience members. Both teachers and students will enjoy the whole chat, and excerpts can be used in class.


Audio stories 

Pick your favorite conversation-starter. Each audio story is produced in a fresh, youthful style.



Pick your favorite musical conversation starter, from folk to pop to rap to reggae. Links show which Radical Acts the songs relate to.


Let students discuss how Radical Act-ors are living Jesus’ teachings every day.

What’s new 

Check out the latest Radical Acts stories added by community members. They’re generally shorter than blogs, so they’re easy to read aloud in class.

The Radical Acts 

Most important of all, let students COMMIT to a Radical Act, LIVE it, and ADD THEIR OWN STORIES to the site. There’s no better way to learn what Jesus was teaching!