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New Sterling Edition Hymnal is available


Product and promotional information and materials

This section contains a description of all products, some in multiple languages, available for ordering.  Ordering details and product information includes:

  • new products
  • multimedia
  • Science and Health
    kids' items

There are lists containing current products and discontinued products.  Promotional materials including signage, display kits, brochures, ads, etc., are available for downloading. more

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Praying about your Reading Room

The Christian Science Journal


Hundreds of articles about Reading Rooms have appeared in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel over the years, and are now available online at JSH-Online.

Featured articles:

Audio and video clips

More inspiration

Librarian information

Reading Room Communications

Read updates from the Christian Science Publishing Society including:

You're invited to participate in the  All Things Reading Room Group.

  • Share ideas and fruitage from your Reading Room
  • Connect with other Reading Rooms to talk about topics of interest
  • Post items you would like to bring into your Reading Room (Seeking board)
  • Post items you would like to share with other Reading Rooms (Offering board) 

Librarian resources

A wealth of information and support is available:

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