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Welcome to our reading aloud workshops! Whether you’re a new Reader, have served many times, or are awaiting your turn, we’re happy to make this resource available to you.  The following 22 workshops range from 15 to 30 minutes and contain timeless principles including:

  • Fundamentals of emphasis, phrasing, timing, etc.
  • Importance of prayerful preparation
  • Scriptural research tips

What can you do to receive the inspiration that allows you to discover new ideas as you read them?

 27 min/ © 1972

Understanding is more essential to reading aloud than any technical training. That said, this workshop offers an introduction to emphasis, vocal tone, and pacing as techniques that allow Readers to clearly convey their understanding.

26 min/ © 1972

This is the first talk of a collection of workshops. The set includes the following 18 links. They’re listed sequentially, but can be heard individually. This introduction discusses the relationship between inspiration and technique.

20 min/ © 1972

Explore the purpose of the church service and how it fits into the larger body of church.

17 min/ © 1972

How does a Reader prayerfully prepare for the service? What’s the relationship between the Reader and the Word? Between the Reader and the congregation? ... Whose work is it? These and other questions are discussed.

24 min/ © 1972

Learn how the mechanics of reading serve the inspired idea. Click here to read a true story illustrating this concept.

24 min/ © 1972

The purpose of expository language is to explain. Our challenge is to communicate the heart of the message with ease.

20 min/ © 1972

Discover how to tell the story instead of just reading what happened.

20 min/ © 1972

Get to know 7 resources that help illuminate the Bible.

18 min/ © 1972

08 Phrasing

Classic example: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.” vs. “Woman: without her, man is nothing.” Spoken punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence, too.

19 min/ © 1972

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