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Praticistas compartilham suas experiências de entrada na prática pública da Ciência Cristã.

Participantes compartilham ideias e inspirações sobre o papel da música na igreja.

Music from the heart shared with participants. 

Inspiring hymns and original music.

Summit participants sing the Northern Australia Church Alive Summit theme song, "Love," a poem by Mary Baker Eddy, set to traditional Australian folk tune "Moreton Bay" arranged by Mark O’Leary.

Summit participants join together in singing several hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal and Hymnal Supplement.

Andrew Brewis discusses the power of music, and particularly solos, in Christian Science church services.

Lift Up Your Voices and Sing - hymn 460

In a session about fresh ideas for music in the church service, Summit participants sing and hear new settings and compositions of hymns and solos.

A small group, later joined by the congregation, sings a new setting of the familiar hymn "Love," set to the traditional Australian folk tune ʺMoreton Bay,ʺ arranged by Mark O’Leary.

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